World of work

Training professions

Industrial clerk (duration: 3 years)

Industrial clerks sell the company's products and services. They are responsible for marketing activities from the analysis of market potential all the way to customer service. In the field of materials management, they perform all arising work from comparing quotes to purchasing negotiations with suppliers, all the way to the acceptance of goods and warehousing. In the field of production management, they plan manage and monitor the production of goods and services and create accompanying order documentation. In sales, they compile calculations and price lists and carry out sales negotiations with customers. In the field of accounting and financial management, they process, book, and audit the business transactions that arise. They determine the requirement for personnel, use recruiting instruments, and employ personnel. 


Abbildung Industriekauffrau/mann

Woodworking technician (duration: 3 years) 

In order to ensure that the desired upright and grand pianos come into being and no matchbox models result, wood technicians have to know their machines inside out. These include hydraulically, pneumatically or electronically controlled machines. Working with a circular saw, planer, driller and table miller require his/her full attention. After the second apprenticeship year, he/she decides on one of the specialist fields offered: Furniture and housing industry, interior design and shopfitting industries, construction supply industry, seating furniture and framework industry, wooden packaging and pallet industry, slat and frame industry, parquet industry. 


Holzmechaniker berippt einen Flügelresonanzboden

Piano and harpsichord maker in the specialist department, piano manufacture (duration: 3.5 years)

Piano and harpsichord makers work in the field of new construction, service, and repair and in the field of tuning upright and grand pianos. The piano making profession is based on the natural product, wood. Therefore, dealing with this material is a key focus within the scope of this training. The main working area lies in the production of frames and soundboards provided with string frames and strings, the installation of action mechanisms, keyboards and hammers, as well as the adjustment tuning and intonation. The set up and maintenance of tools and machines also form a key focus. 

In the following, you will find skills and knowledge that are conveyed during the course of training:

  • Getting to know types of wood and their properties 
  • Selection and care of wood
  • Measurement, marking and rigging
  • Sawing, slicing and joining
  • Chiseling, cutting, marking, pining, offsetting
  • Gluing
  • Drilling, pegging and edging
  • Locking
  • Working on wood processing machines
  • Building soundboards
  • Adjustment of the string framework
  • Winding and tightening the strings; aligning pegs 
  • Installation of action mechanisms, keyboards and hammers
  • Set up of action mechanisms and keyboards
  • Pre-tuning
  • Set up and maintenance of tools and machines
  • Adjustment, tuning in intonation
  • Manufacturing simple auxiliary tools

Building pianos and harpsichord stringed, plucked and wind instruments, in large companies most of the time. In our piano manufacture, a piano is created out of various materials - precious woods, steel, brass, felt and wool, leather, lacquer and ivory as well as various plastics.