Grotrian Teaching
What is the approximate value of my used Grotrian piano?

The value of an instrument always depends on its condition. The condition can only be assessed on site. That is why the value can only be ascertained by your local technician. Regional supply and demand needs to be considered too. The Grotrian factory is not in the position to suggest a value.

Which climate do you recommend for your pianos?

The optimal condition is humidity between 45 and 55% and a constant temperature between 19 and 21°C.

What developments have been instigated in the past few years?

Although the models keep their name, a continuous facelift of the Grotrian instruments leads to a permanent improvement. In case of hesitation the newer model should be preferred to an older one. Our certification DIN ISO 9001:2008 has been created a quality circle which is responsible for permanent improvement.

How many years of warranty does a Grotrian instrument carry?

Beyond the legal product liability of 2 years Grotrian grants an additional 3-year warranty. This leads to a five-year warranty from the date of purchase if the service conditions are confirmed by sending in the warranty postcard stamped by your Grotrian dealer. The basic condition for this warranty is the evidence of a regular service executed by a registered Grotrian dealer. Case surfaces are excluded from the extended warranty. The necessary service interval is named in our warranty conditions. In the event of a warrantee claim the first point of contact must always be with the Grotrian dealer from whom you purchased the piano. Please read the conditions carefully.

Does Grotrian sell from the factory directly?

Safe delivery and a competent after-sales service can only be guaranteed by experienced and skilled local dealers. A properly serviced piano ensures joy for years. That is why Grotrian instruments can only be purchased via selected Grotrian dealers.

Can I select my instrument in the Grotrian factory?

After you have decided on a certain Grotrian model in your dealer’s showroom, you are invited to select your piano in the factory. During this visit you will gain picture of what it is like to build a Grotrian piano. You will be impressed. You can request a selection via your local Grotrian dealer.

Does Grotrian educate regularly?

Grotrian has manufactured in the same place for more than 180 years, so there is a continuous need for a skilled workforce to build instruments that are 80% hand-made. To ensure our quality we train our staff in house.