Burkhard Stein CEO
Burkhard Stein CEO

GROTRIAN is extending its site in Braunschweig with a new shareholder

In its year of the 180th anniversary the Braunschweig premium manufacturer of pianos and grand pianos set the course for a successful future

With effect from 01 April 2015, the 1835 founded family business Grotrian has a new shareholder, Parsons Music Group, also a family business based in Hong Kong, which was established in 1986. Parsons Music Group employs approximately 5,000 people and has over 100 own music shops and 500 dealers in China and Hong Kong. In addition, Parsons Music Group maintains its own production facilities for pianos, piano components, guitars and other musical instruments together with a sawmill and foundry in China. The Grotrian family will remain represented in the group of shareholders in the future through Liebhild Grotrian-Pahl and with her the family tradition of 180 years of the company will be preserved also in the future.

Burkhard Stein, CEO of Grotrian since many years, reported that the new shareholder will be the ideal fitting strategic partner for the expansion of sales in the growing market of China. Not only the idea was crucial that Grotrian wants to place themselves better in the distribution of high-quality instruments "Made in Braunschweig", but also the production will be expanded in Braunschweig.

Terence Ng, along with his sister Arling Ng, presidents of Parsons Music Group intends to expand the production capacity of Grotrian in Braunschweig to meet the expected growth in demand from the Asia market. This will secure and create new jobs in our region and will contribute to the Grotrian company that it will be well prepared to work efficiently also in the future, Stein is glad to state.

Burkhard Stein will be available as a CEO for the company also in the future and he will take special attention to the commercial areas. In the future he will be supported by the graduate engineer Liebhild Grotrian-Pahl, starting up her activities as Managing Director beginning with the 01. of August 2015. She will be responsible for the technical area. Already in the past she has been involved in these areas alongside to her freelance work as a business consultant with a focus on quality and organizational management.

Grotrian currently employs at its site in Braunschweig 51 employees. The company produces about 400 instruments per annum, which are distributed through an established network of dealers worldwide. The company’s prime aim is to expand its operation, increase efficiencies and build a stronger presence worldwide.